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Oranjia Jewish Child and Youth Centre is a registered Children’s Home and Place of Safety admitting children within the broader sphere of the Jewish Community from ages 2 to 18. 
Oranjia aims to provide formative years’ centred services as well as residential group care to children who have been found in need of provision and protection in terms of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005.
Our core philosophy of care is that children and youth at risk need to be presented opportunities for competency, development and personal growth. We nurture each child individually and address their development holistically. We believe in fostering independence and work to best support and promote their unique personal growth and development. We provide a safe space and surround the children with an environment to build trusting and close bonds with professional staff, as well as their fellow residents.
Children and youth with emotional trauma and distress most often present with interpersonal and social difficulties. The meaningful relationships forged at Oranjia allow them to best fulfil their own personal potential in a warm, patient and understanding space. We are always mindful to meet their emotional, spiritual and physical needs.

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We serve the families of our local Jewish community in Cape Town by providing:


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